Lazy Day Colada

Lazy Day Colada

3-Day Weekend 3-Day Weekend
Put your feet up and reach for a

3-Day Weekend

Lazy Day Colada


New Year’s Eve Extravaganza New Year’s Eve Extravaganza
Grab your friends and ring in the new year right with a
Midnight Sparkle
Sidecar Serenade
Picked up a 7-10 Split Picked up a 7-10 Split
Commemorate your epic moment with a
Banana Split
Sidecar Serenade
Thanksgiving Day Dinner Thanksgiving Day Dinner
Fend off the food coma with a
Pumpkin Pie Martini
Sidecar Serenade
Got an extra hour of sleep Got an extra hour of sleep
Celebrate daylight savings with a
Mai Time
Sidecar Serenade
Poker Night Poker Night
Win big with a
Ginger Beer Flop
Sidecar Serenade
Earth Day Picnic Earth Day Picnic
Stay cool with a
Big Blue Marble
Sidecar Serenade
Booked Beach Vacation Booked Beach Vacation
Have a taste of what's to come with a
Blue Hawaii
Sidecar Serenade
Found the right one Found the right one
Celebrate your new flame
Kiss Royale
Sidecar Serenade
Snow Day Snow Day
Keep cozy with a
Fire and Frost
Sidecar Serenade
Saint Patrick's Day Saint Patrick's Day
Show your spirit with a
Green Shamrock
Sidecar Serenade
Columbus Day Columbus Day
Set sail with a
Pinta Colada
Sidecar Serenade
Sent holiday cards early Sent holiday cards early
Toast your efficiency with a
Salted Caramel Martini
Sidecar Serenade
Perfected Grandma’s Cake Recipe Perfected Grandma’s Cake Recipe
Rise to the occasion with a
Banana 'Nana
Sidecar Serenade
Old Friend Visiting Old Friend Visiting
Enjoy reminiscing with a
Peachtree® Pal
Sidecar Serenade
Rocked a teal bridesmaid dress Rocked a teal bridesmaid dress
Wear it well with a
Taffeta Tea
Sidecar Serenade


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