Lazy Day Colada

Lazy Day Colada

3-Day Weekend 3-Day Weekend
Put your feet up and reach for a

3-Day Weekend

Lazy Day Colada


Tis the Season! Tis the Season!
Catch someone sweet under the mistletoe with a
DeKuyper® Nutcracker Martini
Sidecar Serenade
Folded Fitted Sheets Folded Fitted Sheets
Celebrate your mastery of linen with a
Fuzz Ball
Sidecar Serenade
Happy Hour at Home Happy Hour at Home
Get things started with a
House-Made Manhattan
Sidecar Serenade
Fixed Leaky Faucet Fixed Leaky Faucet
That calls for a
Funky Monkey Wrench
Sidecar Serenade
Movie night with the Girls Movie night with the Girls
Press pause and whip up a
Razzy Colada
Sidecar Serenade
Scored Great Concert Tickets Scored Great Concert Tickets
That calls for a
VIP Iced Tea
Sidecar Serenade
Date Night Date Night
Set the mood with a tall glass of
Mad Love
Sidecar Serenade
Started New Job Started New Job
Celebrate your fresh start with an
Opportunity Knocker
Sidecar Serenade
New Year’s Eve Extravaganza New Year’s Eve Extravaganza
Grab your friends and ring in the new year right with a
Midnight Sparkle
Sidecar Serenade
Picked up a 7-10 Split Picked up a 7-10 Split
Commemorate your epic moment with a
Banana Split
Sidecar Serenade
Thanksgiving Day Dinner Thanksgiving Day Dinner
Fend off the food coma with a
Pumpkin Pie Martini
Sidecar Serenade
Got an extra hour of sleep Got an extra hour of sleep
Celebrate daylight savings with a
Mai Time
Sidecar Serenade
Poker Night Poker Night
Win big with a
Ginger Beer Flop
Sidecar Serenade
Earth Day Picnic Earth Day Picnic
Stay cool with a
Big Blue Marble
Sidecar Serenade
Booked Beach Vacation Booked Beach Vacation
Have a taste of what's to come with a
Blue Hawaii
Sidecar Serenade


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