Lazy Day Colada

Lazy Day Colada

3-Day Weekend 3-Day Weekend
Put your feet up and reach for a

3-Day Weekend

Lazy Day Colada


Perfected Grandma’s Cake Recipe Perfected Grandma’s Cake Recipe
Rise to the occasion with a
Banana 'Nana
Sidecar Serenade
Old Friend Visiting Old Friend Visiting
Enjoy reminiscing with a
Peachtree® Pal
Sidecar Serenade
Rocked a teal bridesmaid dress Rocked a teal bridesmaid dress
Wear it well with a
Taffeta Tea
Sidecar Serenade
Fire up your weekend with a
Flame & Spice
Sidecar Serenade
Pre-concert Party Pre-concert Party
Set the stage with a
Purple Haze
Sidecar Serenade
Caught a Whopper Caught a Whopper
Celebrate your achievement with a
Blue Marlin
Sidecar Serenade
Bought New TV Bought New TV
Grab your popcorn and enjoy a
Big Screen Butter Beam
Sidecar Serenade
Blazed up the fireplace Blazed up the fireplace
Keep it burning with a
Spicy Hot Chocolate
Sidecar Serenade
Survived First Yoga Class Survived First Yoga Class
Invite friends over and unwind with a
Downward Facing Daiquiri
Sidecar Serenade
Zombie Movie Marathon Zombie Movie Marathon
Welcome the undead with a
Zombie Alarm
Sidecar Serenade
Garage sale party Garage sale party
Clearing out old stuff calls for a
Sidecar Serenade
Caught First Wave Caught First Wave
Toast to your new surf skills with a
Hang Ten on the Beach
Sidecar Serenade
Housewarming party Housewarming party
Break in the new place with a
Sidecar Serenade
Bought New Shoes Bought New Shoes
Get together with your girls for a
Strawberry Stiletto
Sidecar Serenade
Scrapbooking Party Scrapbooking Party
Grab your friends and your scissors for a
Scrappy Apple Spazz
Sidecar Serenade


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