5th of May Tiempo to Play
5th of May Tiempo to Play
Senors and senoritas, hit the fiesta with a

Pink Paloma

Cinco de Mayo is a great excuse to throw a party, south of the border style! Invite your amigas and amigos over and treat them to the pleasures of the Pink Paloma, where the refreshing flavors of pomegranate and citrus come together with the let’s party spirit of tequila.

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Start Celebrating

Keys to the Party

Break guests into groups for a Guacamole making contest. The winner gets to sing with the Mariachi band! Make sure your playlist is Latin flavored and long enough to last well into the night. Pin the Tail on the Burro is a perfect game for the fiesta.

Set the Mood

Sombreros are festive and help your guests get into the spirit of things. Flags make great colorful decorations, as do paper lanterns and Mexican-style blankets, which can double as tablecloths. And to help amp up the festivities, don’t forget those teeny cocktail umbrellas.

Eats and Treats

There’s so much you can do to feed your fellow revelers. How about a fajita bar or a build your own burrito station? For variety, ask your guests to bring their own salsa. Encourage and promote double dipping by using small cups as personal sized salsa bowls. And let the flavored margaritas flow.


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