Survived First Yoga Class
Survived First Yoga Class
Invite friends over and unwind with a

Downward Facing Daiquiri

You did it! Before long you'll be doing headstands and pretzel twists. Why not celebrate your achievement by inviting some friends over and enjoying some Downward Facing Daiquiris? With soothing watermelon and melon, and a splash of lemon lime, they're perfect for a post-yoga celebration.

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Keys to the Party

First of all, slip into the kind of outfit everyone wishes they could wear to a party – yoga pants and a comfortable top. Pop in an instructional yoga DVD or download an instructional app and practice some exercises with friends on a rug or mat. Then test your new knowledge and play Guess the Yoga Position.

Set the Mood

Be sure to have extra rugs or mats on hand for your yoga-enthused friends. Dim the lights and play calming new age instrumental music to create a Zen-like atmosphere. Sit in a circle and make DIY flaxseed and lavender eye pillows. Pillows comfortably in place, meditate until it’s time for a well-deserved healthy snack.

Eats and Treats

Give your get-together an ethnic vibe with a selection of flavored organic hummus and pita chips. Keep the atmosphere light, healthy and earth friendly with platters of crudités. Wash it all down with delicious drinks (like Downward Daiquiris) and a selection of herbal teas sweetened by the blessings of wholesome agave nectar or honey.


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