Perfected Grandma’s Cake Recipe
Perfected Grandma’s Cake Recipe
Rise to the occasion with a

Banana 'Nana

You finally got it right! Now, Grandma’s famous cake recipe will live on in all of its delicious glory. Seems like as good a reason as any to invite some friends over for a slice, complemented with a fruity flavored Banana ‘Nana.

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Keys to the Party

This is the perfect kind of gathering for a Hand-Me-Down potluck. Simply have your guests bring a dish made from a family recipe. A recipe swap is also a good idea. Two favorite recipes from each person are all it takes for everyone to go home with a world of new tastes to try out on their families and friends.

Set the Mood

Party like grandma did in her day. Wear aprons and listen to tunes from an earlier era. Encourage your guests to wear gloves and hats, and be sure to break out the antique china. Lace doilies, placemats and fresh flowers are also a nice touch. When it’s all done, send your happy guests home with tea satchels as party favors.

Eats and Treats

Naturally, Grandma’s cake is the center of attention. And with all the mouthwatering delights provided by your guests, there’s no need to do much else. Perhaps a platter of tea sandwiches if you simply can’t let yourself off the hook. Think curried chicken salad, salmon cucumber, and pesto chicken.


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