Officially Off the Market
Officially Off the Market
Celebrate with a

Strawberry Highball & Chain

Send off your fabulous friend to a new and exciting life. Gather the girls, think up some crazy stuff, and raise a glass of Strawberry Highball & Chain to the bride to be. The berry and citrus flavors really complement each other - just like your friend and her husband to be.

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Keys to the Party

Whatever you do, don’t forget the veil and sash for the bride. And T-shirts and plenty of toilet paper are essential accessories for the big day. Those unmentionable candy rings are a good option to add a little edge to the proceedings. It’s also a good idea to follow up with a spa day so everyone can recuperate.

Set the Mood

The Last Single Night Bucket List is a shoe-in at a bachelorette party, as is What Kind of Lingerie are You? Quizzes, Marriage Mad Libs – just about anything is fair game when your girl is going off the market.

Eats and Treats

Sass up the cocktail glasses with hot pink or black boas and send them home with the guests as party favors. Serve finger foods, lace-decorated cupcakes or cake pops, and for good measure consider heart or corset shaped cookies.


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