First BBQ of the Summer
First BBQ of the Summer
Sweeten up the party with a

Watermelon Pucker®

The sun is shining, the grill is fired up, and you’ve got a thirst for some backyard fun. Call your faithful friends and ask them over for one of the simplest party extravaganzas known to man – a feeding frenzy. Wash it all down with the Watermelon Pucker®, a drink whose sweet and sour splendidness inspires the finest of backyard soirees.

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Keys to the Party

Take the idea of active relaxation to new levels as you boogie in the backyard with blankets and bratwurst. Get your outdoor game on with old favorites like Ping-Pong, cornhole and volleyball. And don’t forget the wee folk. Turn on the sprinkler for a bit of wet and wild fun bound to raise neighborhood decibel levels.

Set the Mood

A backyard BBQ goes so well with a country feel. Gingham tablecloths and mason jars fit the bill and play nicely with any budget. In addition, wildflowers make great centerpieces and are hard to beat on price. Of course, a bit of Tiki style is never out of place to set the mood.

Eats and Treats

BBQ equals meat, although these days a vegetarian BBQ is humanly possible and can be quite delicious. Aside from burgers, dogs, steaks and ribs, you might want to keep your ravenous guests happy with bits of snacky foods held together by toothpicks and with large salads loaded with fruit. And unless you want a rebellion on your hands, don’t forget the s’mores.

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