Pre-season Football is Over
Pre-season Football is Over
Start the real season with a

Cranberry Kicker

Score! Pre-season football is finally over, and the best is yet to come. Invite your friends (and frenemies) over to celebrate with football, finger foods and fantastic drinks. Get them headed to the end zone with cranberry, orange and vodka inspired Cranberry Kickers.

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Keys to the Party

Football is best watched in packs, so get your fellow fans over to start the real season off on the right foot. Naturally, a bit of friendly rivalry is in order – be sure to have fans from different teams. Depending on the level of fanaticism among your friends, you might consider multiple, separated viewing areas.

Set the Mood

Balloons with team colors are an obvious touch. Best part of it is chugging down the helium and insulting the opposing team, chipmunk style. It’s also a good idea to have gallons of face paint on hand. After all, nothing shows team allegiance like a fan with a paint job peppered with Buffalo wing sauce.

Eats and Treats

Chickens don’t fly, so it’s not a huge leap to figure they were given wings to satisfy the insatiable cravings of hungry football fans. Mountains of wings aside, throw in some chili, mac n cheese, nachos and seven- (or any other number) layer dip, and you’ll be golden in the eyes of your fellow fanatics. For the sweet-toothed members of your tribe, brownies and cookies are worth a touchdown.


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