Zombie Movie Marathon
Zombie Movie Marathon
Welcome the undead with a

Zombie Alarm

One thing's for sure - zombie fans tend to travel in packs. So, invite your friends on over for a zombie movie marathon of undead proportions. The Zombie Alarm makes for a perfect refreshment, and the rum and citrus flavors in this reanimated cocktail will help put the you back in voodoo.

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Keys to the Party

A mess fest is appropriate. Have your guests wear white t-shirts on which they’re welcome to drip ketchup from their saucy zombie dogs. When the first movie rolls, play Zombie Who, a game that requires your undead friends to guess which characters will be first and last to become zombies. Repeat at will, because that’s what zombies do.

Set the Mood

Set the mood with movie posters from old zombie movies on the walls. Stained rags randomly scattered about the living room are a deft touch that will be appreciated by your invited undead. Feel free to not clean up the place prior to the party. Yes, hospitality is everything, but there’s nothing like a messy pad to make a zombie feel at home.

Eats and Treats

Brains might be on the undead menu, but your guests will be looking for something a little less disgusting. Buffalo wings and spaghetti with meat sauce were invented for nights like this. And don't forget, you're watching movies, so don't skimp on the popcorn - maybe even get some gourmet flavors to mix things up.


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