Single on Valentine's Day
Single on Valentine's Day
Get together with friends for a

Sex on the Beach Shot

Goodbye pint of ice cream and pizza for one. It’s time to invite the ladies over and celebrate being single. A Sex on the Beach or two will help you raise your glass and cheers an evening without snoring or fighting over the remote.

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Keys to the Party

Gather your closest single friends and encourage them to invite other single ladies. Ask them to bring their favorite appetizer to share and to leave their phones at home. This night is about celebrating the ladies — texting your ex or a new prospect is not permitted.

Set the Mood

Make a playlist in advance with your favorite single lady songs. Make sure there’s no furniture in the middle of the room that would get in the way of mingling and getting down. Once the dancing dies down pop in a movie — anything but a chick flick.

Eats and Treats

Finger foods are great to encourage sharing and keep the gossip and cocktails flowing. Mini sandwiches, bacon wrapped dates (or anything wrapped in bacon really), and a s’more bars would be perfect. You could even create goody bags for your ladies to take home, filled with heart shaped cookies and chocolates to remind them how loved they are on Valentine’s Day.


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