Scrapbooking Party
Scrapbooking Party
Grab your friends and your scissors for a

Scrappy Apple Spazz

Scrapbooking is always a good time, but seems to be even more fun in numbers. Have some friends over for a scrapbooking soiree, where you can toast the best things in life with a round of delicious Scrappy Apple Spazzes.

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Start Celebrating

Keys to the Party

Reflect your party theme from the very start with scrapbooking inspired invitations. At the party, a material swap is a great icebreaker. Ask your friends to bring items they no longer need to swap with other guests. Then challenge everyone to see who can finish a page first. You can also have your guests bring template pages for inspiration.

Set the Mood

Get your guests in the creative zone with blown up scrapbook pages and old photos on the walls. Set up a photo booth with a digital camera and hook it up for instant printing. Then have fun creating pages commemorating the very occasion you’re celebrating.

Eats and Treats

In keeping with the creativity theme, consider potluck for your scrapbooking party. Finger foods that are easy to prepare and not too oily or saucy are in order. After all, you’ll be using your hands and don’t want to get stains all over your hard work.


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