Pre-concert Party
Pre-concert Party
Set the stage with a

Purple Haze

Are you ready to rock!?! Of course you are. Your favorite band is in town and you’ve got sweet seats. Call your fellow friends who are fans and get them over for a preconcert party starring Purple Haze.

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Start Celebrating

Keys to the Party

Set up a group text with your guests so you can all communicate during the show. Download song lyrics on your phones so you’re ready to look like the band’s biggest fans. Brainstorm cool slogans and then make cardboard signs to get you noticed by the band. After all, shouldn't you be able to party like a rock star once in a while?

Set the Mood

You and your guests are the décor. You’re fans, so dress like fans. Band T-shirts and clothing that fits in with the genre of music are a must. Obviously the soundtrack to your party should consist only of music related to the band you’re going to see. You might even set up a makeshift DJ booth where your guests can take turns playing their favorite songs.

Eats and Treats

Do your fellow fans a favor and feed them something before heading out. Trail mix and bottles of water are great energy boosting party favors to give your guests for the ride over. After all, they’re likely to be on their feet for hours to come.


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