Karaoke Party
Karaoke Party
Warm up your singing voice with a

Sidecar Serenade

The stage is calling you and your friends. So gather them around the karaoke machine, lift your Sidecar Serenades high, and hope for perfect pitch. Even if your voice cracks, the melody of citrus flavors and Courvoisier® VS cognac will help silence the critics.

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Keys to the Party

If you don’t already have your own karaoke setup, you can probably rent one at your local electronics store. Strapped for cash? There are smartphone apps with basic Karaoke functionality. You might want to help focus things and raise the entertainment factor by choosing a genre, decade or theme, such as "one hit wonders," "boy bands," or "songs that are really hard to sing."

Set the Mood

Here's the opportunity to turn your guests into stars, so give them a platform to really shine. Posters with their faces superimposed on popular singers help create the right ambiance. Build a stage complete with rented spotlights and disco balls. Add to the show with props like hats, sunglasses, feathery boas, colored wigs, leather jackets, and toy instruments.

Eats and Treats

Finger foods are best so guests can move around and participate freely. Line your appetizer trays with sheet music and watch people take note. An ice cream station will help everyone chill. A silver sprinkle-covered ice cream cone’s resemblance to a microphone is nothing short of uncanny.


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