Splurged on Black Friday Splurged on Black Friday
Shopping Spree Black Tea
Celebrate your new stuff with a

Shopping Spree Black Tea

You just scored cool stuff and saved big bucks, so why not invite your shopping partners home for a celebratory Shopping Spree Black Tea. Its peachy flavor and bourbon base is an ideal pick-me-up after a long day of retail therapy.

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Keys to the Party

Besides a delicious cocktail, the secret to a successful post-shopping shindig is to create a relaxing environment. Put on some mellow tunes, light a few candles, and enjoy being out of the crazy mall crowd.

Set the Mood

You don't need anything special for a pop-up party like this. Of course, if you bought any Christmas decorations during your shopping spree, you can always enlist your friends to help you put them up.

Eats and Treats

Let’s face it, there’s still food in the house. Try a new spin on Thanksgiving Day leftovers with turkey and cranberry grilled sandwiches, fried mac and cheese, and pumpkin pie crumble.