Movie night with the Girls Movie night with the Girls

Start Celebrating

Keys to the Party

Movie night screams slumber party. How about glamorous pink boas and PJs on the red carpet? Perhaps throw in suave fedoras for good measure. Of course, everyone gets to have their pic taken in a cordoned off area behind the velvet rope.

Set the Mood

Authenticity is everything. Black out the windows with towels, sarongs and anything else you can get your hands on. While you’re about it, gather all recliners, sofas and comfy chairs into your viewing room and set them up theater style. 80's movie posters on the wall will help complete the illusion.

Eats and Treats

Popcorn, chips and salsa are undoubtedly perfect for the occasion. But why not step outside the box-office and raise the stakes by serving oysters on the half shell? Or a sampler of gourmet sliders with sweet potato fries. The options are as endless as those sixties beach movies.