Independence Day Bash Independence Day Bash
Lit Fuse Shot
Show off your patriotic spirit with a

Lit Fuse Shot

It’s the Fourth of July! Time to salute the good old Stars and Stripes. Invite your friends over and celebrate with a Lit Fuse. Featuring cool Blue Curacao and Peach Schnapps, this refreshing drink is a perfect accompaniment to America the Beautiful.

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Keys to the Party

Early afternoon is a perfect time to start the party, to set things up for those all-important fireworks. Games such as ring toss or horseshoes, and even card games, are great for keeping people engaged. Not to mention the thrill of a three-legged or potato sack race.

Set the Mood

Décor is simple and fun. Think red, white and blue. Throw Old Glory in floral arrangements and centerpieces. Provide appropriately colored chalk for sidewalk fun for the kids. Shine a light on the celebrations with festive sparklers. And then of course, for the ultimate decoration, don’t forget to look skyward after it gets dark.

Eats and Treats

It goes without saying – the Fourth of July without BBQ is downright un-American. Mason jars make great outdoor glasses for drinks and cocktails. And don’t forget that strawberries and blueberries are in season, so with a little whipped cream you can stay true to the color theme of the day. In addition, watermelon is an easy snack and keeps everyone hydrated.